Website Development

website-development-contentYour website is the first interaction a customer will have with your business.  Making a good first impression is key.  Your website can be the difference between making the sale and a potential customer going back to the search.  Don’t let that happen to you! At Über Motif we specialize in creating eye catching, beautifully designed websites to keep users engaged and coming back for more.

We specialize in creating responsive web sites:  Sites that automatically align themselves to all the devices and displays your customers use.  By using one dynamic website for laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, and e-readers, you can keep your brand consistent no matter where and when your customers find you.  You can have the confidence of knowing for sure that you’re going to look great!

The Best User Experience

You never know when your customers will want to find you. It’s your job to be there when they do. Having a website that looks clean and is easy to navigate is essential. Our websites make it easy for your customers to find out about you and your product or service.  Most importantly, it gives customers a way to contact you and start a relationship.

Easier to Maintain

In the past, to reach mobile audiences you needed different websites in order to give your users the best experience on every platform. The introduction of responsive web sites was a serious game changer. You no longer have to spend more time and money replicating your message on different platforms. One unified website is all you need for a consistent message.




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Mobile Browsing is Climbing

As smartphone and tablet sales continue to increase, having a great looking website that works on all devices is more important than ever. 20% of Google searches are now being completed on mobile with more than half of them looking for local specific results. People are looking for you all around you, and you have to be there when they do.

Other Website Services we Offer

Web Development Icons_hosting

Having a site that operates at peak performance is important. Über Motif has partnered with CloudWays to provide the fastest, most flexible service that scales to your needs. Keep extra money in your budget and stress off your back. Über Motif has the most effective hosting services you need, including:

  • Migration from your business’s previous website
  • Hosting your business’s website
  • Redundant offsite backups of all of your business’ information and data
  • 24/7 Monitoring

Web Development Icons_search marketing

A great website isn’t valuable if no one can find it! With Über Motif’s search marketing services, we’ll give you the leg up you need to take you website to the next level. Find out more by visiting out search marketing page.

Web Development Icons_content

The overall design is only one factor to the success of your business’ website.  Content is a major component and is taken seriously by Über Motif’s staff of copywriters. While the overall design and graphics gain aesthetic appeal, the content will be the reason they decide to purchase your products or services.

In order to increase retention and conversions your website’s content should:

  • Identify your business’ target audience(s)
  • Capture their attention
  • Clearly convey your company’s message
  • Assist them in easily navigating through your website
  • Invoke a “Call to Action” to entice them to either call, sign-up, or purchase what your business offers

Über Motif’s copywriters understand the importance of your online presence and the functionality of your website’s sales funnel. Your website’s content should clearly inform your audience about your business while increasing retention and conversions.