How to Find Keywords

Find keywords for your business, clients or blog. This tutorial will help you find keywords you can rank for even if your website isn’t a powerhouse.

Finding Keywords I Can Win

I know I’m not alone in saying it’s not easy to find keywords. Most of us have a lot riding on how well a keyword phrase performs in search results. While a good keyword is only a small portion of an overall strategy I believe it is one of the most important. A keyword tells search engines like Google and Bing just what the heck it is you are talking about. Without targeting a particular topic you might as well throw a lot of your other efforts out the window.

So how do you find keywords that will drive traffic and generate sales?
I am going to cover a few strategies I use to select keywords. I use the following strategies for every website I manage.

It doesn’t matter if your website has a page rank of 1 or a page rank of 6. Using the following methods you will be able to capture low hanging fruit that can bring traffic to any website regardless of its rank.
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