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State of SSL Certificate Affairs

I’ve never posted publicly about my (and hence the company’s) position on SSL certificates and why we don’t charge for them. I’m hoping this post can serve as a reference not just for our customers, but for anyone who’s looking to build a website and gets confused over parts of the technology involved. This is not really a post meant to describe the technology of SSL in-depth. I focus on some basic how’s and why’s, as well as describe some of the current shady industry practices, and how things are changing for the better.

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Problems With Our Name

The phone rings: “Hello, can I get a ride from the airport?” “Yes, I’m sure you can but not from us.”*click*

Since sometime last year conversations like this have been a daily occurrence. I estimate an average of around a dozen a week. In 2012, when we founded, Uber had only recently changed its name from UberCab and was only operating in a few major cities. Their massive growth coupled with a lack of very visible end-user phone support leads to a lot of people finding our company and getting hung up on the first word.

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Hostito Not Answering Support Requests

A Customer Case Study After Their Hosting Company And Registrar Failed

I’d prefer to be writing happy, informative posts but interruptions come up. Last week we had one of those interruptions. I write this hoping it will help out other businesses caught in this situation. One of our clients that we currently only sell Google Apps email to reported an outage. It’s rare Google has an outage (think on the order of a couple minutes per year) so we went to the next usual culprit, expired domain. Sure enough the domain was expired. So we contacted him and he said he was billed by the company he used for the renewal, I checked back and indeed the registration was updated but the nameservers were set to a parking page leaving him with no working website or email for days! This client runs his entire business on email, and we realize how important these things are so we promptly went to helping him out, even though he’s not been a web hosting customer and we usually do not register domains on behalf of clients.
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Site Builder or Web Designer

We live in a time where it’s easier than ever to get your brand online. Pre-built website builders are commonplace, and you don’t need to be a master coder to get your message in front of millions of eyes. With options like Squarespace and Wix available, why should you still consider a professional website designer?
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JPG vs PNG – Which to use?

In terms of content, images are king. Don’t get me wrong, text is great. Well written copy has the ability to engage readers and provoke meaningful discussions. However, for the more visual among us, a picture is truly worth a thousand words. This adds some unique problems for web content. Images are often the first impression that a potential viewer has to your content; it can be the difference between a conversion and a bounce. This can be especially important for mobile content where connections are generally slower and users are loathe to waste precious data.

Beyond style and composition, correct use of format in images is critical to reducing page load times and promoting site engagement. But with all of the file formats available, how do you choose which one to use in a given context? The goal here will be to give the best possible image quality in the least possible space. But how do you decide which format to use? Here are 2 of some of the most common image formats used in web and the best cases for each:
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